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I'm using the CarouFredSel slider on one of my projects. Is there a way to get the index/number of the slide which is currently visible? I need to show something like - slide 2 of 10 and change the number accordingly when the slide is changed.

Didn't find such an option in the documentation.

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From the documentation

currentPosition ( fn )

Triggering this event will return the position of the first visible item (the current position) in the callback-function or (when calling the triggerHandler-method) the return value.

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Using this answer, I have set up a single slide slideshow with a separate multiple side carousel. onBefore on the single slide slideshow with currentPosition gets the index. I can then set an active state on the carousel. Perfect, how i missed this in the docs I don't know. – Will Lanni May 18 '14 at 0:56

It is easy:

var currentPage = $('ul#foo').triggerHandler("currentPage");
var currentPosition = $('ul#foo').triggerHandler("currentPosition");
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