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I am trying to deploy a Django app using azure websites. My app works locally fine, but I am not able to deploy it. I get a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.

I found this in the view log of my commit.

Found solution 'C:\DWASFiles\Sites\chocolate-chocolate\VirtualDirectory0\site\repository\chocolate\chocolate.sln' with no deployable projects. Deploying files instead.

Any hint is highly appreciated.

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Do you think you could get us a sample repro app? Perhaps the heuristic for detecting Python apps is broken. –  Pranav Nov 4 '13 at 18:20

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I experienced the same problem deploying a boiler plate node.js app.

I found the solution here: http://nodejstools.codeplex.com/workitem/702

I think when you create a new project you need to uncheck "Create directory for solution" The issue here is that the deployment scripts won't detect it as a Node.js app if the server.js/app.js is in a folder.

It might be worth checking your source directory structure for a nested folder.

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