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Is there a way to get auto completion in eclipse for static methods? IntelliJ offers this feature. For example:

public class SomeClass {

    public static class SomeClassBuilder {
        public static SomeClassBuilder builder() { ... }

        public SomeClass build() { ... }


SomeClass someClass = SomeClass.SomeClassBuilder.builder().build();

In IntelliJ you start typing build<ctrl-space,ctrl-space> and the autocompletion popup suggests SomeClass.SomeClassBuilder.builder() amongst others.

In eclipse is possible to get the same result by adding SomeClass.SomeClassBuilder to the Favourites. But if I have hundreds of these builders in my projects, I don't want to add them manually to the favourites.

Is there any plugin in eclipse that offers such facility? Please avoid answers like "Use IntelliJ", since the question is about achieving the result in eclipse. Thanks

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i believe eclipse already has that feature.. –  Black Panther Nov 3 '13 at 18:47

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Eclipse has the feature you describe.

To use autocomplete on a static method e.g. Class.staticMethod(). Simply start typing Class. in the Java editor. Once the . is typed, Eclipse will present the list of all available static methods for class Class. You can also press ctrl-space after the ..

The Java editor, autocomplete, and much more is included in the Eclipse JDT. The JDT is very likely installed in your Eclipse distribution.

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I would like "staticMethod()" to be suggested without the need to type the class it belongs to. In the example of the post, I would like to just type "staticMethod" and the autocompletion to suggest all the classes where staticMethod() appear as public static method –  supercalifragilistichespirali Nov 3 '13 at 19:44
That is not possible in Eclipse –  cmd Nov 3 '13 at 20:31

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