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I uploaded my application to heroku, recently im using PostgreSql also on my local machine, now i would like to know how i also can push my database with the existing records to Heroku? Is this possible?

Also it would be intresting if i can adopt my sql database to PostgreSql?


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You can use pg_restore to push a dump file from a local database to an Heroku database.

If you go to the Herokue Postgres page for the database they give connection settings for a number of utilities, one of them being pg_restore. The command will look similar to:

PGPASSWORD=jyb4fhiwyeioghfwc7hw pg_restore --verbose --clean --no-acl --no-owner -h -U hqfy134fblqwheb -d sdjhufhqwuf -p 5432 [YOUR_DATA_FILE]

Just substitute in the name of your local file. If the Heroku database is completely empty you can omit the -clean option and save some time.

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