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I have a request that looks like this ;

url = "https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/nvp?METHOD=DoExpressCheckoutPayment&TOKEN=#{transaction.token}
url = CGI.escape(url)
uri = URI(url)
res = Net::HTTP.get_response(uri)

and res.body looks like this; TOKEN=EC%2d7UM71457T34680821&TIMESTAMP=2013%2d11%2d03T21%3a19%3a11Z&CORRELATIONID=3b73c396244ff&ACK=Success&VERSION=98&BUILD=8334781

How can i get the TOKEN and ACK values from the string? am not sure params works here? Any ideas?

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The body is URI-encoded, just like GET (or some POST) params. You could unpack it manually, by doing something like this:

require 'uri'

# body takes place of res.body for this example
body = 'TOKEN=EC%2d7UM71457T34680821&TIMESTAMP=2013%2d11%2d03' +    
  'T21%3a19%3a11Z&CORRELATIONID=3b73c396244ff&AC' + 

# First split into key/value pairs, and use inject to start building a hash
results = body.split('&').inject( {} ) do |hash,kv| 

  # Split each key/value pair
  k,v = kv.split('=').map do |uri_encoded_value| 
    # Decode - innermost loop, because it may contain encoded '&' or '='

  # Add to hash we are building with inject
  hash[k] = v

=> {"TOKEN"=>"EC-7UM71457T34680821", "TIMESTAMP"=>"2013-11-03T21:19:11Z",
 "CORRELATIONID"=>"3b73c396244ff", "ACK"=>"Success", "VERSION"=>"98", 

Actually though URI can do nearly all of this for you (and deal with variations in the format better than above), with the decode_www_form class method.

params = {}
URI.decode_www_form( body ).each do |k,v|
  params[k] = v
=> {"TOKEN"=>"EC-7UM71457T34680821", "TIMESTAMP"=>"2013-11-03T21:19:11Z",
 "CORRELATIONID"=>"3b73c396244ff", "ACK"=>"Success", "VERSION"=>"98", 
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