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I've been trying to download and use some libraries in my C# project but haven't succeed adding them to the project nor finding anywhere how to do it. The instructions says "simply add the files in the sourcecode folder into your project, compile and have a tea!" (the library is this by the way: http://spreadsheetlight.com/). But I don't think I compiled it properly and it's unable to find the functions/methods in the library and I get an error. Some help would therefore be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance! Axel

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nuget.org/packages/SpreadsheetLight –  Soonts Nov 3 '13 at 21:27
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I clicked your link, and downloaded whatever it was. :) It came as a zip folder. Obviously the first thing you need to do, is unzip your folder. Then you should end up with this: enter image description here

The important thing here, is the SpreadsheetLight.dll...

Next, go to your project that you want this in, right click on the references folder and click Add reference:enter image description here

A new window should pop up. Click on the browse tab, find your extracted folder, and select the SpreadsheetLight.dll file:

enter image description here

Choose OK.

Then view your code, find where all the imports are (i.e. using System;), and insert the following:

using SpreadsheetLight;

or go further to:

using SpreadsheetLight.Charts;

You can then access members of the library:

enter image description here

That is how you would generally use a library in Visual Studio... Good Luck!

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Many thanks for the super clear instructions! Since I don't have 15 posts I can't up-vote the answer but I'll do as soon as I can! –  user2950764 Nov 4 '13 at 9:08
You're welcome! I always have liked visual instructions, so I try to give it as much as I can. –  SuperPrograman Nov 4 '13 at 15:22

I won't go into using NuGet, it's easy and there are more than enough examples / tutorials online for that. I'll explain the non NuGet way of manually referencing external libraries.

The easy way:

  • extract the dll files to your project folder
  • add references to the project by right-clicking References > Add Reference > browse to the dll location (inside your project folder) and add them
  • in files that reference namespaces, classes, interfaces, ... of these dlls, you'll need to add a using statement for those namespaces.

The better way:

  • make a folder somewhere (on a data disk/partition, in the cloud, ...) called e.g. Libraries where you can subfolder and extract your libraries to.
  • add references and possibly using statements as mentioned under the easy way.
  • set Copy Local to true for each referenced dll. This will copy the dll to the project/bin folder upon build. Please note that there are situations where this would not work (e.g. if the dll was already in the GAC) but for what you're trying to do, it should suffice.

This does not take into account whether the library is already registered in the GAC, if it's an ActiveX lib or any number of exceptions. This is just a way to simply add a library to a Visual Studio project.

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NuGet was an interesting alternative, strange that I didn't find any of that when I searched for how to add libraries. Thanks a lot for your answer! –  user2950764 Nov 4 '13 at 9:13

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