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I have this email >>

Hi foks, I have compiled Mesa Cell driver, and it is great! can I use this, rather than ps3fb for video driver? thanks so much and sorry my bad english.

answer >

No. The ps3fb driver and Mesa Cell driver are totally different things.


another question.

Hi, thanks for you answer how can I understand this? ps3fb driver and Mesa Cell driver are totally different things, there are some documents to explain this?, I want to understand Mesa3D, and your relation with Xorg, and Kernel drivers..


Sorry but I do not have time to explain everything.

The Mesa Cell driver implements OpenGL for 3D graphics.

The ps3fb driver is a low-level driver for simply displaying the framebuffer.

If you use google, you can probably find more information.


I can't found this information in google, someone can help me? I want to work on linux, and write drivers. thanks so much.

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this link may have the information you want about Mesa, X.org, ... What kind of driver do you want to write ? – neam Jun 21 '12 at 7:29

Mesa implements 3D using OpenGL. Some Mesa drivers are accelerated, some aren't. X.Org drivers implement 2D, TV-out, multi-monitor support etc. Both of them use the kernel. edit: To clarify: Mesa and X.org drivers aren't replaceable, they are both used when needed.

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some more information? Thanks for your answer, but it is a bit vague. – drigoSkalWalker Dec 30 '09 at 20:47

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