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Seems like this should be an easy thing. I have an Ajax Accordion. Each Pane has a Header that's basically the "title" for that pane. I'm using this accordion to show and hide comments in a blog. Thus the Header is "Comments" but I want to modify that with a count of the comments, so it says "Comments (23) or something like that. My SQL is returning the count as "CommentCount" so I should be able to modify this:

            <AjaxToolkit:AccordionPane runat="server" ID="OverviewPane">

... to this:

            <AjaxToolkit:AccordionPane runat="server" ID="OverviewPane">
                <Header>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Comments (<%# Eval("CommentCount")%>)</Header>

... and be okay, but it isn't working. I get "Comments ()" on every blog post.

Maybe the problem is in the codebehind?

        Utility myUtility = new Utility();
        SqlConnection myConn = myUtility.GetConnection();
        string myCommandText = "select [KeyID],[ShadeDate],[ShadeTitle],[ShadeBody],[ShadeImage],count([Comments].[CommentID]) as CommentCount from [Shades] left join [Comments] on [Shades].[KeyID] = [Comments].[ShadeID] group by [KeyID],[ShadeTitle],[ShadeImage],[ShadeBody],[ShadeDate] order by ShadeDate DESC";
        SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand(myCommandText, myConn);
        SqlDataAdapter myDataAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter(myCommand);
        DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet();

            DataTable myDataTable = myDataSet.Tables[0];
            ShadesRepeater.DataSource = myDataTable;
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