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I'm trying to write into an NFC tag what I've read from another one.

I use the function readPage to read the code, then I save the code (made of 4 byte for what I know about Mifare Ultralight tag) on a var of byte[4] type, and try to rewrite the var into another Mifare Ultralight card. No problem to read the tag, but when I try to rewrite the other I get the exception

android.nfc.TagLostException : Tag was lost.

I read that someone has that problem with the transceive function, but no one with the writePage, and someone has to change the byte they're writing because of incorrect byte... But I'm only trying to copy the bytes, I don't have to elaborate it, so what can I do? I could simply try to read the tag and then watch the byte the phone read, but with readPage I get a byte of 4, and I can't get how to convert it from an hex code like 0x00 or something similar... The code is very basic, and I don't think it can be useful, because it's something like:

byte[] var = nfc.readPage(page);
nfc.writePage(page, var);

EDIT: Ok, I got ride of it. Simply I didn't notice that the function readPage read 4 pages, while the writePage write only one page, and I was trying to write 4 page in a single time. So, I use:

readByte = nfc.readPages(page);
for(int i=0; i<4; i++)
nfc.writePage(page, toWriteByte);
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