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I'm back again for another question, i'm trying and trying. But i can't get it fixed. This is my issue;

I have a database table, with a ProvinceID this can alter from 1 to 12. But it's an ID of the province. The provinces are stored with the value pName in the table Provinces

I have the following code to alter the table, and join it with the preferences table

$veiling = ORM::factory('veilingen')
        ->join('veilingvoorkeur', 'LEFT')
        ->on('veilingen.id', '=', 'veilingvoorkeur.vId')

    $this->template->content = View::factory('veiling/veilingen')
        ->bind('veiling', $veiling);    

It displays correctly, in the view i have;

echo '<div class="row">';
foreach($veiling as $ve)
echo $ve->provincie;    

it displays the provincie id; but i want to add a function to it; So it will be transformed to a province name. Normally i would create a functions.php file with a function getProvince($provinceId)

Do a mysql query to grab the pName value from Provinces and that is the job. But i'm new to kohana. Is there an option to turn the province id to province['pName'] during the ORM selection part, or do i have to search for another solution. Which i can't find :(

So. Please help me on the road again.

Thanx in advance.

Kind regards, Kevin

Edit: 1:08 I've tried something, and it worked. I used ORM in the view file, for adding a function;

function provincie($id){
$provincie = ORM::factory('provincies', $id);
return $provincie->pName;       

But i'm not glad with this way of solution, is there any other way? Or am i have to use it this way?

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Check out Kohana's ORM relationships. If you use this, you could access the province name by simply calling:


The relationship definition could look something like:

protected $_belongs_to = array(
    'provincie' => array(
        'model' => 'Provincie',
        'foreign_key' => 'provincie_id'

Note that if you have a table column called provincie the relationship definition I give above will not work. You'd either have to change the table column to provincie_id or rename the relationship to e.g. provincie_model.

The output you describe when you do echo $ve->provincie; suggests that you store the ID in a column called provincie, thus the above applies to you.

I'd personally go for the first option as I prefer accessing IDs directly with an _id suffix and models without any suffix. But that's up to you.

Edit: If you use Kohanas ORM relationships you could even load the province with the initial query using with() e.g:


This could save you hundreds of extra queries.

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Lets say the column of the foreign key is called provincie, could you not just say 'foreign_key'=>'provincie' and it would work fine? –  kingkero Nov 4 '13 at 15:39
No, as the relationship is also called provincie this would be ambiguous. Kohana would not know whether to get the model or the table column, and picks one of them (the column value if I remember correct). FYI: the foreign_key property in a relationship definition refers to a column on the object itself. I believe my answer here has a more in-depth explanation. –  AmazingDreams Nov 4 '13 at 15:53
Nice one, i'm going to try this out! =) –  KevinH Nov 4 '13 at 18:44

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