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I'm trying to do some local processing of data entries from the GAE datastore and I am trying to do this by using the remote_api. I just want to write some quick processing scripts that pull some data, but I am getting import errors saying that Python cannot import from google.

Am I supposed to run the script from within the development environment somehow. Or perhaps I need to include all of the google stuff in my Python path? That seems excessive though.

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Why is including the paths that onerous ?

Normally the remote_api shell is used interactively but it is a good tool that you can use as the basis of acheiving what your want.

The simplest way will be to copy and modify the remote_api shell so that rather than presenting an interactive shell you get it to run a named script.

That way it will deal with all the path setup.

In the past I have integrated the remote_api inside a zope server, so that plone could publish stuff to appengine. All sort of things are possible with remote_api, however you need to deal with imports like anything else in python, except that appengine libraries are not installed in site-packages.

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I don't like this solution because the include path is somewhat convoluted and I don't want to rely on internal Google configs for library files. In the event they ever moved then it would break the scripts. –  themaestro Nov 5 '13 at 5:10
Also, copying and modifying the remote_api shell seems like a lot, I checked out the file and there's a lot in there. Is there a way to run the GAE python interpreter instead of the standard one installed on your machine? That seems like the path of least resistance. –  themaestro Nov 5 '13 at 5:11
To modify remote_api_shell to run an arbitrary script is about 3-4 lines of code. ANd yes, if you just run remote_api_shell you have exactly that, an sheel with access to remote api, its a really good way of debugging and manipulating data. –  Tim Hoffman Nov 5 '13 at 5:39
What about remote_api_stub? Presumably they intended that file for this sort of use case, not a repurposing of remote_api_shell? I'm somewhat unclear on how exactly I'm supposed to use the stub. They give an example, but you would get a bunch of import errors without including all of the Google libraries –  themaestro Nov 5 '13 at 6:48
Correct, thats what I use inside zope, however you said you didn't want to set up the paths for importing libraries, thats why I suggested using the remote_api_shell and modifying it to run an arbitrary script. Just trying to come up with an answer that you find acceptable, - either deal with importing google libs and setting the paths etc... or copy and modify remote_api_shell, take you pick which you find the least offensive. –  Tim Hoffman Nov 5 '13 at 7:30

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