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<div class="main" style="float:left">
  lorem ipsum <br />
  lorem ipsum <br />
  lorem ipsum <br />
<div style="float:right">
  <div class="block">block</div>
  <div class="block">block</div>
  <div class="block">block</div>


$('.block').height($(".main").height() / (3));

... each block height = height of main / 3

It is inaccurate because height doesn't consider the margin/padding of the .block. How do I subtract the padding/margin either automatically or manually?

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You need to use outerHeight

$('.block').height($(".main").outerHeight( true ) / 3); 

EDIT I misread the docs originally, and thought margin was included by default. I was wrong! Be sure to pass true to the outerHeight function to include margin. Thanks @Alex Sexton!

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If you want to include the margin, be sure to pass in true to the outerHeight function. – Alex Sexton Dec 29 '09 at 18:20

You may be interested in the outerHeight and outerWidth methods in jQuery

Hope that helps!

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