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I am setting Windows 2003 Server(64 bit).

But now I have some trouble with run my program because of the error "can't find dependent libraries."

Here are what I did and something that might be cause of problems while developing the program.

  1. My target platform is 64 bit, but I made this with 32bit JDK and 32 bit Tomcat :

    I knew this can be a cause of problem however the other company gave me 32 bit library which I referenced in JNI code. That is why my total project migrated to 32 bit system.

  2. I installed Visual Studio 2010 in my development machine and server does not have that.

    Maybe this program needs some elements of Visual studio runtime ? I think this also possible because I compiled JNI code with cl(Visual Studio command-line compiler). command line was "cl XXX.cpp -Fexxx.dll -LD -MD".

There are other causes can be exist, but I can not find. Are there anything I should check more ?


The result of some Testing.

  1. changing bit.

    |   tomcat   |    JDK    |             result             |
    |    32bit   |   32bit   | can't find dependent libraries |
    |    32bit   |   64bit   |      tcnative_1.dll error      |
    |    64bit   |   32bit   |      tcnative_1.dll error      |
    |    64bit   |   64bit   |      can't load IA 32.dll      |
    |            |           |        on 64 bit platform      |
  2. uses dependency walker.

    It found msvcr100d.dll, but even though I copied that file to the server physically does not work.

  3. uninstall Visual Studio of development machine.

    I erased Visual Studio, but in local it still works fine. But I wonder if VC++ Runtime or some other libraries while I install VS can be effect.

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