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I am new to Django and looking for general recommendations (since there seems to be a lot out there) to create a website that achieves the following:

-A user can sign into the website with Facebook

-Users are represented/stored as models, with informational fields derived from their public information via the Facebook Graph API

In essence, the application will be able to compare a user to others based on their Facebook information, along with other information provided by input to a form. Then (basically), a list of close matches will be displayed.

With the basic idea in mind, I'm not sure exactly what packages/tools will be ideal for this. This question/django-social-auth looks like a good start, but it seems like I'll have to sacrifice my opt-out of the Facebook platform so that I can register as a developer. Django-facebook also looks promising.

Overall--to keep things as painless as possible--what is the best path to take for the desired structure of my application? Links to similar examples would be helpful as well.

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