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i just installed IE 8.1 and I'm having problem logging into a website that used RD Web Access. I'm using IE 11

I get an error that says:

:activeX control not enabled. the remote desktop services activex client control is not enabled"

  • for testing purposed i have reduced all security settings to medium to allow all activeX
  • i do not get a prompt IE information bar to run the activex control
  • when i go to manage add ons to try and enable this it's not on the list and i cant add to the list

how do i install and enable this activeX control?

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In IE11, F12 to access developer tools. Scroll down to the bottom, "Emulation" and set the "User Agent String" to Internet Explorer 10.

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OMG you are a saviour.... –  nick-s Jul 30 at 2:01

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