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Is it possible to integrate my PHP web-based ecommerce application with Quickbook Online Edition?

When I make a sale on my web site, I would like to be able to make the corresponding journal entry in my accounting books.

Note, I'm referring to Quickbook Online Edition, not the desktop software.

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I added some examples and a link to some code for integration QuickBooks Online Edition with PHP applications to one of my posts. Might be worth taking a look at for you. –  Keith Palmer - consolibyte Sep 4 '09 at 12:49

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I now have built a set of PHP classes that facilitates communication with QuickBooks Online Edition. It makes communicating with QuickBooks Online Edition as easy as:

// Create the connection to QuickBooks
$API = new QuickBooks_API(...);

// Build the Customer object
$Customer = new QuickBooks_Object_Customer();
$Customer->setShipAddress('134 Stonemill Road', '', '', '', '', 'Storrs', 'CT', '', '06268');

// Send the request to QuickBooks
$API->addCustomer($Customer, '_add_customer_callback', 15);

// The framework also supports processing raw qbXML requests
		<FullName>Keith Palmer Jr.</FullName>
	</CustomerQueryRq>', '_raw_qbxml_callback');

You can download the framework from my thread here: QuickBooks Online Edition PHP Package

I've started writing some documentation/tips on how to integrate web applications with QuickBooks Online Edition here: QuickBooks Integration wiki

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Yes, you can send qbXML requests to QuickBooks Online Edition, just as you can send qbXML requests to regular desktop editions of QuickBooks.

Download the QuickBooks SDK for more details.

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It looks like Quickbooks OE has an XML-based SDK, available at:


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