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alt text

I want to update the order so that GALLERY goes before PRODUCTS.

What should be the query to do this?

Sorry for my English.

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Let's assume the request sends the current value of order and the action type (up/down) for the row the user clicked on. For your example it would be something like script.php?oid=2&action=up. Then you can simply swap the values of the rows having order=$oid and order=$oid-1 for action=up and the rows with order=$oid and order=$oid+1 for action="down".


  foo as f1, foo as f2
  AND f2.`order`=1
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You couldn't trust order though, could you? – Franz Dec 29 '09 at 19:11
If order is unique, why not? (and why shouldn't it be unique?) Concurrency would be another problem. (edit: but I admit I haven't tried/tested it, there might very well be a far better solution ;-)) – VolkerK Dec 29 '09 at 19:12

Use a linked list: keep parent_id instead of the order field:

id  name       parent_id
1   products   0
2   gallery    1
3   contacts   2

SELECT  mo.*
FROM    (
        SELECT  @r AS _parent,
                @r :=
                SELECT  id
                FROM    mytable
                WHERE   parent = _parent
                ) AS _id,
                @order := @order + 1 AS _order
         FROM   (
                SELECT  @order := 0
                ) vars,
         ) q
JOIN     mytable mo
ON = q._id

This way, you can easily move any item (or even a contiguous block of items) with at most 3 updates.

See this article in my blog on how to implement and query this model:

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You need more than one query. Something like:

SELECT order FROM table WHERE id=X
UPDATE table SET order=order+1 WHERE order=Y
UPDATE table SET order=order-1 WHERE id=X

X is the ID of the element where you click "up" on. Y is the result of the first SELECT query.

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I should add that you obviously should not run the update queries, if the element is the first or last element of the list already... – Franz Dec 29 '09 at 19:10

Assuming id is a primary or unique key...

INSERT INTO yourtable (id, order)
VALUES (1,2), (2,1)

If the table is short then the application logic may be even simpler if you put (id,order) pairs in the VALUES clause for all table rows -- that way you don't need to test to see what changed.

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I am assuming that the button includes the id of the entry you want to move (button_id)

To move an entry up in order, first shift the entry above the current entry down by 1:

SET order = order-1
WHERE order = ((SELECT order FROM foo WHERE id = "button_id") + 1)

Then move the current entry up 1:

SET order = order+1
WHERE id = "button_id"

OR To move an entry down in order, first shift the entry below the current entry up by 1:

SET order = order+1
WHERE order = ((SELECT order FROM foo WHERE id = "button_id") - 1)

Then move the current entry down 1:

SET order = order-1
WHERE id = "button_id"
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