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I am having a shell script ./my_shellscript.sh, its contents are as follows :

source /path/to/shell_script.sh

Where shell_script.sh contains:

export PATH=/path/to/a/dir:$PATH
which command_name

when I execute the my_shellscript.sh then it shows accurate path to a command, that I executed using "which" command?

When the shell_script.sh terminates and when I again do "which command_name" from command line it doesn't shows any path as it shown when I executed the scripts.

My question is that how to set/persist that path to environment variable [PATH:$PATH] though shell_script.sh terminates?

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Please split the questions. –  peppe Nov 4 '13 at 8:26

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That's not how environments work, you can't change the parent environment. You can only change your environment, and (optionally) that of child processes to your process.

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You could run your ./my_shellscript.sh with source (or .) to export it's variables to your current environment.

source my_shellscript.sh


. my_shellscript.sh

Other option to put the PATH variable extension into your .profile file in your home directory. (/home/your_username/.profile) That will be permanent.

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