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After I convert a decimal value salePr to string, using following code:

decimal salePr;
string salePrStr;
salePrStr = (salePr).ToString("0000.00");

I'd like to get rid of leading zeros (in case result is <1000).

What is right and the best way to do this operation?

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So why have you explicitly included them? Just use a format string of 0.00.

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Wow, it works! Didn't know. Thanks a lot, I feel a little stupid. – rem Dec 29 '09 at 19:32

You could use trimstart to remove the leading zeros.

salePrStr = (salePr).ToString("0000.00").TrimStart(Convert.ToChar("0"));
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+1 Yes I tried and it works. Thanks for sharing, this is direct answer to my question and now I will know how to do this, but the real my problem was in incerting these zeros without necessity. Thanks! – rem Dec 29 '09 at 19:40
It answered the question, but not in the best way. That's why I gave +1 to David M for the best answer. – Wade73 Dec 29 '09 at 20:05

It looks like you are trying to display currency, if you want to display it as currency, try salePrStr = String.Format("{0:C}", salePr) otherwise use the format 0.00

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salePrStr = (salePr).ToString("###0.00");
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The other answers are probably what you're looking for. If, for some reason, however, you actually want to keep the original strings (with leading zeroes), you can then write:

string salePrStr = salePr.ToString("0000.00");
string salePrStrShort = salePrStr.TrimStart('0');
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Give this a try:

salePrStr = (salePr).ToString("N2");

That would make 1000.10 show as 1,000.10

and make 45.2305 show as 45.23

Just testing it in c#

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