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I have a simple LAMP Ubuntu server running on Azure. It service is used by student courses which means that for weeks there will be very little pressure on the server and then one week 50-100 people will make use of the service requiering massive ram and CPU. I were therefore very happy to learn that Microsoft is now providing a simple way to autoscaling. I have therefore:

  1. Setup two virtual machine instances from the same image
  2. Assigned them to the same availability set
  3. Made the necessary autoscale criteria under my cloud service.

The second machine are in fact also starting when required, but very quickly afterwards I'm experiencing a database connection error. Looking in the azure panel it appears like the two virtual machines are using two different disc, which I could imagine might lead to trouble. I however have no idea how to get around this? Should the second machine make remote contact to the first? Or do I need to build some kind of mirror service between them?

Hope somebody can help me out of this trouble. Googling has brought me nowhere.

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Need more information about how you are connecting to the database - is it local on the VM or is it shared between each instance?

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It is a local MySQL server, which is why I'm thinking that i somehow need to change the database access for at least one of the instances. I have just no idea how. –  Bornakke Nov 4 '13 at 12:43
If you need to make any manual changes to get it to work then autoscale won't help you. It needs to be automated. –  Simon W Nov 4 '13 at 12:52
Hi Simon, I'm affraid that i'm not really sure what you mean. What i want is an automated setup, but whenever I enables it I get a database connection error. –  Bornakke Nov 4 '13 at 13:46

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