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Is it possible to make inheritnace with geddy model? I'm thinking like this:


module.exports = function(query, options){
 self = this;
 // some custom codes goes here that need to be use on some models


util = require('util');
Base = require('./base');

Model1 = function(){
 this.defineProperties({ .... });

 ... and more
util.inherits(Model1, Base);
exports.Model1 = Model1;

and same with the controllers like baseFrontend.js for the frontend and baseBackend.js for the backend controllers.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Since this is JavaScript, I don't think the term "inheritance" really applies.

It is certainly okay to mix-in shared methods into your models and controllers.

geddy.mixin(Model1, Base);

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So how should I use geddy.mixin I can't find anything in the documentation. Thanks –  ginad Nov 7 '13 at 2:04

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