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I have a question about the use of string map in TCL. Is there a way to detect when this function has changed the previous value of the mapped string? For example, in this case:

set location "default_user: admin"
set new_user "user"
set new_location [string map [list "admin" $new_user] $location]

In this case, I want to know if new_location has a different value than location (without comparing both variables, maybe there is a more elegant way). My real case is more complicated than this one, I have a variable with the content of a html file, and I want to substitute a specific value for another one or read from another variable if there was no subtitution.

Thanks for your help, I hope everything is clear in the example above.

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string map function does not imply a return number of replacements. In order to get the number of substitutions may be used regsub -all function that returns the value. You can also use a string first to value before string map, to learn whether there is a variable line of the desired value.

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Thank you Chpock, you are right. I was now trying to solve the issue using regexp (in order to check if there was the pattern before substitution) and string first is also a good choice, good to know. I think that doing the replacement in a single statement with string map is just not possible. –  estradjs Nov 4 '13 at 11:53

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