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I wanted to add a simple .gif as Splash Screen to my application. I'm using NetBeans and I've seen there are lots of bugs when doing this with it.

I've tried to add the line SplashScreen-Image: to the manifest.mf file and -splash: at the run properties of my project (as I've read this last thing is only when running it from the IDE). But it only works on the IDE, my .jar does not show any splash screen. In fact, I opened the manifest.mf file compiled in the resulting .jar and it does not show the SplashScreen-Image line.

I also tried to add it with the Netbeans option for it, but it does not work.

What can I do? Maybe another way to compile the project?


I've tried to add the SplashScreen-Image line in the manifest file by opening the .jar with WinRAR, the Splash Screen appears but Java Virtual Machine throws an error and the application finishes.

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Finally I made it downloading NetBeans 7.4. It has the option to add Custom Manifest Attributes in the Project Preferences, and it works correct

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What exactly did u add in Name and Value section of Custom Manifest Attributes to make this work? Am facing the same issue –  Lalit Rao Apr 17 at 21:12

Netbeans automatically generates the manifest each time you build the project, so you shouldn't be modifying it manually.

Instead, right click the project node and select properties. Navigate to the "Application" entry and you will see a "Splash Screen". Browse to the location of the file you want included.

enter image description here

Clean, build and run

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Actually that's the first thing I did, and that is not working. Thanks anyway –  Guille Nov 4 '13 at 11:27

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