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So my app is running in development mode in one place and in production mode on its live server. I've just put some changes live and a field that has been in the production DB (MySQL) for a good week or two is not being found by a call to Model::read(). Here's the code, verbatim:

    $this->Order->id = $id;
    $created = $this->Order->field('created');
    $this->Order->contain(array('User', 'OrderStatusChange', 'Cart' => array('CartItem' => array('conditions' => array('deleted_date' => null, 'created <=' => $created)))));
    $this->request->data = $order = $this->Order->read();

Same code in dev environment returns all fields. The new(ish) field is missing in production. I have deleted every file in /app/tmp/cache/models and it has not fixed the problem. The production site has Configure::write('debug', 0), development site is set to 2.

Any ideas?


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As you already cleared your caches, but problem still exists. So, I will point out one things here:

$this->Order->contain(...) here you're using contain() and for contain(), need to attach Containable behavior to model. Your code doesn't clarify that you attach that or not. If not, then I will suggest you to attach that like:

$this->Order->Behaviors->attach('Containable');  // attach Containable behavior
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