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I have html looks like this:

<h1>Text 1</h1>
<div>Some info</div>
<h1>Text 2</h1>

I understand how to extract using scrapy information from h1:"//h1[contains(text(),'Text 1')]/text()").extract()

But my goal is to extract content from <div>Some info</div>

My problem is that I don't have any specific information about div. All what I know, that it goes exactly after <h1>Text 1</h1>. Can I, using selectors, get NEXT element in tree? Element, that situated on the same level in DOM tree?

Something like:

a ="//h1[contains(text(),'Text 1')]/text()")"//div/text()").extract()
Some info
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Try this xpath:

//h1[contains(text(), 'Text 1')]/following-sibling::div[1]/text()
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