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I am new to Drupal and I am figuring out a set of steps for developing a Web Application. I planned:

1) Develop the application without any template or graphic effect. Just create your nodes, your views, integrate some plugins and so on. Goal: to have a website up and running from a functional point of view

2) Customize plugins: if some functionality is missing, customize plugins or develop on your own

3) Choose Theme and Customize it

4) Insert graphic effects (ex. JQuery)

5) Fine tuning

I am learning Drupal so I haven't any experience. Am I figuring out correctly ?

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Have you ever developed a website using a CMS? IF the answer is no, start with something simpler, like Wordpress. Druapl is very hard to learn. –  Steven Dec 29 '09 at 21:05

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There are different approaches. This is how I work:

  1. Define the goal of the site
  2. Define functions
  3. Define menu / pages
  4. Deleveop theme / templates. Either from scratch or themes you downlowd.
  5. Replace dummy text with Drupal code to show content. Here you functions comes in to place.

Remebmer that a node i Druapl, is basicalle your content / your text when you write articles.

When I tried to learn Drupal, I summarized some content here : http://stiengfoto.wordpress.com/category/development/drupal/

If you never have used CMS before, find some tutorials and start with the very most basic things.

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Drupal i a great piece of machinery, but it might not be the best choice as a web app framework. It depends what you want to do really, but usually web apps is a lot of custom code / logic. Here Drupal's complexity might become a hindrance for you.

If I was going to build a site or application I would probably do something like this.

  1. Find all the modules that I need. This can involve
    • Finding the contrib modules that I absolutely need.
    • Figuring out if I should use a contrib module + alterations or build my own module.
    • Searching for modules that can solve a problem, looking for solutions to problems that seem common etc.
  2. Do the actual development, and create the features needed.
    • This include functional jQuery like AJAX.
  3. Theming - this can in some extend be done while developing.
    • First step is usually to find a good base theme for your design, like Zen.
    • Then you need to implement the design.
    • Add jQuery where needed for flashy effects
  4. Test and bugfix.
    • This should be done while developing, but when all looks good, be sure to give it all some good testing to make sure that it doesn't fail anywhere.
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