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I have this URL to match:


The problem is that 1121212156 is a tick so it can be different every time. Does someone know how to create a regex to do that?

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The docs for $httpBackend.whenGET say that you can can pass in a regex object in place of a URL. I just did a quick test on regexpal.com to see if this regex works, and it says it does, although I didn't actually test it through whenGET.

var urlRegex = /\/api\/alerts\/[\d]+\/0\/4\/0/;
urlRegex.test('/api/alerts/1121212156/0/4/0'); // returns true

Hope that helps.

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thank you! That is working too –  Miguel Garcia Boriani Nov 4 '13 at 14:35
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$httpBackend.whenGET(/\api/alerts/[0-9]+/2/4/0/). respond(someObject);

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