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I know that several people need to download data from the Eurostat website (see e.g. ), but what I am looking for is NOT a bulk download, but something more similar to downloading a properly formatted (small) CSV file. Consider for instance the following snippet


mylines <- readLines(url(""))
mylist <- readHTMLTable(mylines,## stringsAsFactors = FALSE ,
mytable <- mylist$xTable

That is already close to what I need, but there are a couple of things I cannot fix 1) the column names are lost 2) only the numerical values are left. I lose all the info about the countries the numbers refer to and the (eventual) levels/units of the statistical indicator.

Any idea about how to improve that (possibly in R)? Cheers


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Eurostat introduced SDMX-based web services allowing to query the data through SOAP or REASful APIs. You could try with it… – Sergey Nov 7 '13 at 7:48

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As indicated by @Sergey you can use SDMX web services to query data from Eurostat. With the SDMX Eurostat REST API, this data (even if you specify a filter) will result in a single web URL (see Eurostat indications to build a SDMX data query).

In R, you can use the rsdmx package to read the data. See below example:

#in case you want to install rsdmx from Github
#(otherwise you can install it from CRAN)
install_github("rsdmx", "opensdmx")

#read EUROSTAT dataset
dataURL <- " "
sdmx <- readSDMX(dataURL)
stats <-

Note: You can find rsdmx either from CRAN or install it directly from GitHub repository.

I invite you to check the rsdmx wiki if you want more examples.

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