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I am trying to convert this string:

'"This is a normal string","This, has a comma inside it"'

into an array by string.split(","), but instead of getting two elements in array, I get three:

["This is a normal string","This","has a comma inside it"]

Any suggestion on a possible work around? How do I split the string on closing double quotes instead of a comma?

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Think the scan method might be the easiest:

s.scan(/"(.*?)"/).flatten #=> ["This is a normal string", "This, has a comma inside it"]

Else, just make sure the split comma is preceded by a quote character:

s.split(/(?<="),/) #=> ["\"This is a normal string\"", "\"This, has a comma inside it\""]

I still prefer the first method as it also removes the quotes around the string.

Finally, if you have very tricky string with escaped quotation marks you can add a check to see if the quotation mark is followed by a comma or the end of the string:

s = '"This is a \"normal\" string","This, has a comma inside it"'
s.scan(/"(.*?)"(?:,|\z)/).flatten #=> ["This is a \\\"normal\\\" string", "This, has a comma inside it"]
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