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This is for a ADuC ARM (ARM7TDMI) chip... I've done:

char WD_Track __attribute__( ( section( "NoInit"),zero_init) );

And checked the NoInit checkbox for IRAM2... and it still gets initialized to 0 at startup (I don't want this one initialized -- I want to see what it was doing when the watchdog bit me).

I saw the other post about using __at__ in another question, but should I really do that (I don't care where the compiler puts it as long as it leaves it alone. OTOH, I have a section in flash using the __at__ bit because I need to erase that page during operation)?

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You also need to tell the linker to put that piece of data into IRAM2. The "NoInit" is just a section name and you can supply a linker scatter file (you'll have to disable Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog) to place sections with that name in IRAM2. See the example scatter file in (but it uses IRAM1 as the UNINIT region).

Or, if the whole .c file is uninit data then you can use the per-file options to place the .c file into IRAM2 (instead of using a manual scatter file).

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OMG Thank you. It seemed like Keil put some obvious ways to do what I want in place, but they don't work unless you designate in the source file properties. Now I can finally chase down an intermittent watchdog error! – ThorMJ Nov 6 '13 at 22:57

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