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If I have a SQL Server 2008 database that uses FILESTREAM and stores 10 terabytes of files. Must all the files reside on the same physical box (requiring a 10+ terabyte server)? Or can I store 1 terabyte on one server, another terabyte on a second server, and so on? From what I have read it appears you can only store files on a single server (remote or local)?

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Unfortunately, right now, it seems to be limited to local disk volumes only :-(

See this article at Simple-Talk: An Introduction to SQL Server FileStream

Towards the end of the article, there's a section on FILESTREAM Limitations which has one point:

* FILESTREAM data can be stored only on local disk volumes 

From what I've been reading, a SAN (Storage Area Network) could possibly be used for FILESTREAM storage, but not other forms of storage systems. For 10 TByte, I would assume you're planning on a SAN anyway, right?

Also see this other Stackoverflow question (and the answers for it) on the topic.

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