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Good Morning. I'm trying to add PageBreaks and corresponding PageNames when my SSRS report is exported to Excel 2010. Everything is working well, except on my last page, I can't figure out how to add a PageName that does not exist in my dataset - i.e. I totaled my numbers on the SSRS report (not in stored procedure) and I would like to tell SSRS that if there aren't anymore PageName options in my dataset, set it to "CEI". Currently, it is taking the last value in my PageName, and putting (2) after it:

Picture of my Excel Tabs

I have attempted to reorder my report so that the total would appear first, and use the "InitialPageName" property, but I am still learning SSRS and I'm receiving an error message that tells me "The tablix 'table1' has in invalid TablxMember. The TablixMember must have the same value set for the RepearOnNewPage property as those following or preceding the dynamic TablixMember. (Expected value: "True"; Actual Value: "False").

I was hoping that I could somehow use an iif statement to say if the PageName didn't have a value then set it to "CEI". SSRS didn't like that - It gave me a syntax error (pink squiggly line) and called it an "Unrecognized Identifier". Then I tried to use an iif statement using Built-In Fields in the Expression area:

=iif(Globals!PageNumber = Globals!TotalPages, "CEI", Fields!unit_concept.Value)

That resulted in the error - "The PageName expression for the tablix refers to the Global variables PageNumber or TotalPages. These global variables can be used only in the page header and page footer."

I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can get the last tab that reads "TF (2)" (from my dataset) to read "CEI" (which would be hardcoded. Thank you for your help. Wendy

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Does anyone have any insight as to how to approach my problem? Is there any other information I can add to make my question more understandable? Thank you for your help! –  Wendy Nov 7 '13 at 16:15

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