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I'm using Sound Manager 2 to play a few mp3 snippets when images are clicked. The links are working fine in all modern browsers including IE9. But in IE8 I'm seeing a white box and audio is loading in Windows Media Player rather than playing in the browser. Any idea how I can make this work?

The links are created by a simple anchor linking to the audio file.

<a href="myaudiofile.mp3"><img src="myimage.jpg"></a>

The page is here. If I could add anymore code here to describe the issue, I would.

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"Debug my web site" questions with only a link to the site are likely to be closed. To avoid it, you should create a minimal but complete example that shows the problem and paste the code in the question. See also Something in my web site or project doesn't work. Can I just paste a link to it? – Juhana Nov 4 '13 at 17:30

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