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I have angular js code like this

$scope.addAnswerTag = function (event){

$scope.image_left = $('#questionimage'+$scope.current_question_idx).offset().left;
$scope.click_left = event.pageX;
$scope.left_distance = $scope.click_left - $scope.image_left;
$scope.image_top = $('#questionimage'+$scope.current_question_idx).offset().top;
$scope.click_top = event.pageY;
$scope.top_distance = $scope.click_top - $scope.image_top;
$scope.mapper_width = $('#mapper'+$scope.current_question_idx).width();
$scope.imagemap_width = $('#questionimage'+$scope.current_question_idx).width();
$scope.mapper_height = $('#mapper'+$scope.current_question_idx).height();
$scope.imagemap_height = $('#questionimage'+$scope.current_question_idx).height();
$scope.quiz_tracker.qns_data[$scope.current_question_idx].left = $scope.left_distance;
$scope.quiz_tracker.qns_data[$scope.current_question_idx].top = $scope.top_distance;
$scope.quiz_tracker.qns_data[$scope.current_question_idx].width = "150";
$scope.quiz_tracker.qns_data[$scope.current_question_idx].height= "150";
$('#mapper'+$scope.current_question_idx).draggable({ containment: "parent" });

$scope.add_icon[$scope.current_question_idx] = "icon-plus-sign icon-2x";
if ($scope.add_icon[$scope.current_question_idx] == "icon-plus-sign icon-2x")
  $scope.show_next_buttons = false;  


I have html code like this and i want to access top , left , height, width in view from controller in ie browser

                <div ng-hide = "quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].width == '0';quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].height == '0'" id='mapper{{current_question_idx}}' style="left: {{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].left}}px; top:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].top}}px; width:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].width}}px; height:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].height}}px; border: 5px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); z-index: 1000; position: absolute;" class="{{map_class}}" ><i id= "addtagicon" class = "{{add_icon[current_question_idx]}}" ng-click='saveAddTag()' style = "color:black;"> </i>  

How can i get scoped values in view and i can't get styles and class for this view in ie 10 and this is working in all other browsers... please help me....

I can't get these style sheets and class name too

style="left: {{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].left}}px; top:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].top}}px; width:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].width}}px; height:{{quiz_tracker.qns_data[current_question_idx].height}}px;"

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IE shouldn't exist! –  Castiblanco Nov 4 '13 at 17:39
this scoped values works fine in other browsers how can i acheive this in IE? –  naveenmora Nov 4 '13 at 17:48
First, try to re-format your posting. It's very difficult to follow your code. –  Kos Prov Nov 4 '13 at 18:56
Maybe use "AngularJS Batarang" chrome addon to check the scope? –  CAT Nov 5 '13 at 15:41

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