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I have a 60,000-by-2 array. The first column is data 1 and second column is data 2; both of equal length. I'm not sure how to properly write the syntax to compare data 1 to data 2, and if data 1 is larger than data 2 then write that to the third column. Or vice versa if data 2 is larger than data 1. I have begun constructing a for loop, but I'm having syntax issues comparing the columns.

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No loops are needed. If you simply want to create a vector containing the largest element in each row of your 60,000-by-2 matrix you can use the max function:

A = rand(6e4,2); % Random demo data

B = max(A,[],2);

Or if you then want to put the result directly in a third column of A:

A(:,3) = max(A,[],2);

Read the documentation for max. You'll see that the 2 in the third argument applied the max function across each row of the input, A.

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