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I've done as follows:

I have set OpenCV_DIR variable to my build path set to $(OPENCV_ROOT)/build/x86/vc11/lib.

In my CMakeLists.txt I call find_package function:

find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED )

Some variables connected to OpenCV should be set, but they are set incorrectly. Ex. OpenCV_INCLUDE_DIRS should be set to




but instead of it it's set to


What to do to have the right paths?

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I had built OpenCV from source to make sure that all the variables and options were set correctly.. For the purpose of explanation, let's say your CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set to C:/opencv/.. This is where your OpenCV_DIR variable should point to..

To your system environment path, add C:/opencv/bin/ (just so that all login instances from your computer have access to it and also makes it easier for VS to recognize it later on, in my experience) to the PATH variable.. Make sure you build both debug and release version of the projects and build the INSTALL project for both..

Hope this helps.

Side note: For easy path editing, I use a freeware called RapidEE

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