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Is there a Scrum plugin for the Roundup Issue Tracker similar to Agilo for Trac? I realize that Roundup is an issue tracking system, whereas Trac is designed to be an integrated project management, SCM, and issue tracker. Therefore, maybe a better question would be—Is anyone aware of a, preferably Python based, Scrum tool to use in conjunction with Roundup? Although, that may be a bit too subjective for this forum.

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After researching this some more, it appears that there is not a Scrum plugin for the Roundup Issue Tracker similar to Agilo for Trac. However, I was able to find Ajellito (formerly Agilito). From the Ajellito website:

Simple, web-based Agile / Scrum project management tool built in Django Ajellito aims to do just enough for you to effectively and efficiently manage projects using an Agile methodology.

Given that Ajellito is written in Django—a Python web framework—this may be a nice complement to Roundup.

Using Ajellito for tracking user stories and tasks/actions and Roundup to track bugs/defects presents a new problem in terms of integration, or lack thereof, between the actions/tasks and bugs/defects.

Agile Database Integration

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