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First, I wish to emphasize the keyword from. There are a lot of questions and answers on this topic but I found that no answer provide a step by step road-map to achieve this.
What I wish to achieve :
I wish to stream the video and audio (live) being recorded from the camera of iPhone/iPad to my server. And that's it.
What have I figured till now :
I guess that we can't use HTTP live streaming because it's meant for server to client and not client to server. AV framework allows the output only in the form of a mov file.
What am I not able to figure :
I don't know how to get individual frames (live) and send them to my server one by one
PS: I really don't know anything about this... You are welcomed to oversimplify things. I am writing server in node.js

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You may take a look at Wowza GoCoder iOS app.

It requires Wowza as the media server though, so you'll be able to provide full-features streaming to anyone you want.

Server side set up is done easily via Wowza configs or by third-party cloud control .

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Thanks for your answer but the app is not free... Do you have an idea how such apps are created... –  aMother Nov 5 '13 at 4:49
Yes, unfortunately. Please add anything here if you find a free app for the same. As for Wowza, it's not for free either but you need to have a media server anyway to host your live stream. –  Aquary Nov 5 '13 at 8:36

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