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I'm using a simple jQuery to download text off a server, datatype json.

     $.each(data.responses, function(i,response)

When response.longtext is short (less than 1000 chars like "hello world") i have no problem and the script behaves normally.

When response.longtext is long (like a paragraph of lorem ipsum) i get a parsererror.

I did some experimenting and rewrote it using $.ajax(...) and dropped the $.each method and I still get a parser error.

error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) 
    alert("err: "  + textStatus);
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post the complete error and sample response – Jan Hančič Dec 29 '09 at 23:15
'{$data['id']}' is also an obvious syntax error. – bobince Dec 29 '09 at 23:45
'{$data['id']}' is a php element – Jay Dec 30 '09 at 14:43

How do you print the data in the server? Maybe you didn't escape charcters correctly. Do you use json_encode in php?

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There's a good chance the response is not encoded properly. Did you try just doing eval() on the responseText?

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Oh, my bad, it was the \t and \n in the lorem ipsum that caused my error.

I wasn't using json_encode because I'm generating the json on the fly with a $stmt->fetch() loop. Just slashed out the problematic characters and it's fine.

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Please don’t respond with an answer but edit your question. – Gumbo Dec 29 '09 at 23:34

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