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I am starting to use the MapBox iOS SDK.

Is there any possible way to query the MapView by a coordinate and get back the terrain-type (water, land) as a result?

I've been reading the API doc for quite a while now, but could not figure it out. I know that there are (interim) solutions available to use a Google webservice, but I need this to work offline.

I am not bound to MapBox (but I like it) though, thank you for any hint!

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The answer is: no way

The only way to do this offline is building a custom solution with e.g. OSM data.

Which I started doing here.

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I made a sample code that can help you a little bit. https://github.com/P0nj4/Coordinates-on-water-or-land

giving a coordinate, the app checks with google if it's land or water.

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Thanks for your input, but a necessary feature of this mechanism is the offline usage, since this will be used on a sailboat where a fast enough internet connection is not provided to implement a routing algorithm against a webservice. I actually implemented it with OSM data. It works easily, in memory, and super fast. See my link in my above answer. –  tomaszbrue Dec 16 '13 at 22:41

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