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I try to set up a postfix instance to use sender_based_routing on CentOS6 (but that does not really matter I guess). I just yummed postfix and it works. This is the addition I made for getting sender_based_routing to work:

  sender_based_routing = yes
  transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

My transport file looks as follows:

  domain1.nl smtp:[]
  domain2.nl smtp:[]
  * smtp:[]

It always uses the wildcard '*' and all gets routed to

Do I need to specify the complete mail route or just a domain name? I thought the latter was sufficient.

Anyone an idea??


Ronald Update : When I send 'To' the domain listed in the transport file, then it gets routed through the Have I specified sender_based_routing wrong or do I need an option somewhere else??


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Do you use Postfix version older than 2.3?

sender_based_routing (default: no)
This parameter should not be used. It was replaced by sender_dependent_relayhost_maps in Postfix version 2.3.

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Thanks, figured that out myself yesterday! Postfix rules. If I do not specify a relayhost in the main.cf, will postfix deliver mail directly except for those listed in the relay_map.db file? –  Ronald Nov 6 '13 at 8:19

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