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I have a WCF Windows Service, the OnStart function:

protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
  System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch(); //added for debugging for now
  _Host = new ServiceHost(typeof(Service));
  _Manager = new Manager();

and _Manager.Start() calls Agent.Start() which has following definition (pay attention the Execute

public void Start()
  _Thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(Execute));

The parameter Execute is a function like following

public void Execute()
  //mapping data stuff here
  //I put a break point at some line of code in this function
  //but it is not reached

I put a break point in Execute function code, but even if I press F11 for step in, it just does not go to the Execute Function.

It somehow goes into Execute function now, the Execute Function code is like:

  { System.Messaging.Message amsg = _RequestQueue.Receive();
    /// other code

Everytime it passes this line, the debugger is lost...It stays still and doesnot have any other actions, I dont know where it is now...

Great thanks. Any ideas are appreciated.

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Few thoughts..

  1. Is there any exceptions on _Host.Open()?
  2. Are you sure that the thread is created? I mean Thread.Start() is called?

You should be able to attach unless the Execute() function completes it operation before you attach to it.


From MSDN, Revive() function Receives the first message available in the queue referenced by the MessageQueue. This call is synchronous, and blocks the current thread of execution until a message is available.

Are you sure that the message queue has atleast one message? otherwise the thread will be blocked. If you queue a message, then you can see the debugger becomes alive.

Make sure that you have configured your queue properly.

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@Vivassayi: Hi I have updated the question. could you take a look also please? thanks. –  user2751691 Nov 5 '13 at 15:56

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