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I'm using the Docker Remote API (API v1.6, Docker 0.6.5). I'm building an image via the POST /build endpoint. FWIW, my client is written in Go. Is there a way to get the image ID of the image I just created without having to parse it out of the streamed response text?

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You could give it a name (e.g. repo:tag) during the build and then inspect information about the tagged image using GET /images/(tag name)/json. (docs)

The json information includes the id, as well as the "config" which shows how the image was created in the first place.

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Thanks @Andy. I ended up tagging the image and using that tag name as the image for the container. That way I was able to avoid the interstitial step of requesting the image. –  Joe Fiorini Nov 5 '13 at 14:35

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