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I'm trying to program a game using lwjgl library and I'm using vim as my editor. I would like to have syntax cheking so I use syntastic.

The javac checker page explains how to add the classpath to the javac checker using SyntasticJavacEditClasspath command.

My problem is that I put there the path to lwjgl.jar and lwjgl_utils.jar and it's still founding a lot of missing library errors.

I put this on the opened buffer:


I think I'm inserting the classpath in the wrong way.

Here is one of the 17 errors that show up: (The code runs perfectly)

src/com/ionsoft/engine/Engine.java|1 col 17 error| 
package org.lwjgl does not exist import org.lwjgl.LWJGLException; 

Here it is my configuration in .vimrc

18 " Syntastic                    
19 highlight SyntasticErrorSign guifg=white guibg=red          
20 highlight SyntasticErrorLine guibg=red                              
21 let g:syntastic_check_on_open = 1                                    
22 let g:syntastic_enable_signs = 0                                
23 let g:syntastic_enable_ballons = 0                  
24 let g:syntastic_quiet_warnings = 1
25 let g:syntastic_auto_loc_list = 1
26 let g:syntastic_java_checkers = ['checkstyle', 'javac'] 
27 let g:syntastic_stl_format = '[%E{Err: %fe #%e}%B{, }%W{Warn: %fw #%w}]'                                     
28 let g:syntastic_mode_map = { 'mode': 'active',
29                         \ 'active_filetypes': ['ruby', 'java'],
30                         \ 'passive_filetypes': [''] }
31 let g:syntastic_java_javac_classpath = '~/home/ionthas/development/java/Jump2Box/lib/jars/lwjgl.jar'                                      

Anyone can help me?

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I solved the problem using the relative path ./lib/jars/lwjgl.jar insted of the absolute path /home/ionthas/development/java/Jump2Box/lib/jars/lwjgl.jar –  Ionthas Nov 4 '13 at 22:16
Please add that as an answer (and accept it) to mark this question as solved. –  Ingo Karkat Nov 5 '13 at 7:29

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Tilde ~ is your home directory. In your case, probably /home/ionthas/.
So your classpath:


Would actually expand to:


An extra home directory, hence the error.
Taking out the tilde ~ would probably do the trick.

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I solved the problem using the relative path


insted of the absolute path

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