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Write a regular expression for the language of all strings over the English alphabet with “computer” as a substring. Ignore case sensitivity. In your regular expression you can use range of symbols instead of typing all the characters, such as [a - z].

I came up this expression


Any comments if it is correct for my problem ?

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Are you in the same class as srk? (…) – admdrew Nov 4 '13 at 21:44
If you want to play then check out Rubular. I started you a session, just get rid of the word hello and mind the box to the left. – JeremyS Nov 4 '13 at 21:52
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This is it:



  • / = usual regexp delimiters
  • ^ = beginning of string
  • [a-z]* = any sequence of letters
  • computer = match that literal string
  • $ = end of string
  • i = case insensitive modifier
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Well, there can be a hundred answers, depends upon your definition of word and substring.


      [a-z]+ computer [a-z]* 
   |  [a-z]* computer [a-z]+ 
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If I understand your question correctly, you need a regular expression to detect strings with contains word 'computer'. The RE you suggest has two problems, one is .’ is extra and incorrect, the other is that it's not case insensitive. The below is the correct version of yours.


To accept string with has the word computer in different case such as 'Computer' or 'compUter' your should yous 'ignore case flag'. Here it is:


as you see i is the flag for ignore case. Note that setting flags maybe different in different languages. Let's test this with javascript.

/[\w\s]*computer[\w\s]*/i.test('Apple Computer Stores')

It also accept word that has prefixes or suffixes such is 'computerized' or 'supercomputer'. If you don't want that and need whole word only search, you should add \b like this.


Lets test,


/[\w\s]*\bcomputer\b[\w\s]*/i.test('Super Computer')
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