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I have an express application where I am trying to set the session cookie to secure. So far I have tried the code below:

sessionOptions = definitions.REDIS;
sessionOptions.ttl = definitions.session.expiration;
  secret: definitions.session.secret,
  cookie: {                 <---------------------------- Added this
    secure: true
  store: new RedisStore(sessionOptions)
app.use(function(req, res, next) {
  res.locals.token = req.session._csrf;
  return next();

But now when I try to log in the CSRF token does not validate and I get a forbidden error. How can I make the session cookie secure AND use a CSRF token?

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Here's what I use. I don't think you need the return before next(), but I'm not sure if that's your issue.

.set('view engine', 'jade')
.set('views', __dirname + '/../views')
.set('json spaces', 2)
.use(express.cookieParser('our secret'))
  store: new RedisStore({
    port: config.redisPort,
    host: config.redisHost,
    db: config.redisDatabase,
    pass: config.redisPassword
  proxy: true,
  cookie: { httpOnly: true, secure: true }
.use(function (req, res, next) {
  res.cookie('XSRF-TOKEN', req.csrfToken());
  res.locals.csrftoken = req.csrfToken();

The proxy: true is necessary for Heroku. Note that req.session._csrf has been obsoleted in the latest version of Express.

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