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I am generating a 6x6 grid of buttons using widget.newButton. I would like the user to be able to add numbers to a selection by touching the screen and then dragging their finger over the desired buttons. For example if I wanted to select "811030" (i.e the top row of the grid) then I would just drag my finger over it.

enter image description here Here is the code I have so far:

local widget = require( "widget" )

local function handleButtonEvent( event )
local phase = event.phase

if "moved" == phase then
    print("Button Pressed")

function tileRow(numTiles, padding)

local tileWidth = (display.contentWidth / numTiles) - padding
local x = padding/2
local y = display.contentHeight - numTiles * (tileWidth + padding)

    for i = 1, numTiles, 1 do
        for j = 1, numTiles, 1 do 
            local myButton = widget.newButton
                left = x,
                top = y,
                width = tileWidth,
                height = tileWidth,
                id = "button_"..i..j,
                label = math.random(0,9),
                onEvent = handleButtonEvent,
            x = x + tileWidth + padding
        x = padding/2
        y = y + tileWidth + padding

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Just access the label inside the event handler, and build your full number from there. I'll let you handle the corner cases, like putting fullNumber back to "" at one point :)

local fullNumber = ""
local function handleButtonEvent( event )
    local phase = event.phase
    local btn =
    local btnLabel = btn.label

    if "moved" == phase then
        print("Button Pressed with label:"..btnLabel)
        print("Full number: "..fullNumber)

Cheers !

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  • Get the button under the finger

In handleButtonEvent, you can retrieve the coordinates (x, y) where the user is touching and moving his finger. Indeed the is not enough to your purpose because the will always be equal to the first touched button. You have to implement this function GetMyButton(x, y) that will return a widget.newButton. It should not be hard.

  • Get the label of the found button

According to widget_button.lua, to get the label of a button you should do :

local btnLabel = btn:getLabel()
  • Concatenate the found labels (be aware of duplication)
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