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I have two vs2008 express solutions, one C# assembly that compiles into a class library DLL and one managed C++ form solution that references the C# class library. Both the .dll and the .pdb are copied to the execution path of the main application. Both the C# and the C++ assemblies are built with the DEBUG configuration.

I can build and debug the C++ application, but when I step into the dll code, I can't see any data elements. Any attempt to create a watch or a quick watch for a symbol inside the dLL is greeted with either "Identifier 'xyz' out of scope" or "Unable to evaluate the expression".

I can see that the symbols are loaded from the dll.pdb and "Enable Just me" is not checked in the debug options.

I would expect that debugging should fully work between two managed assemblies. Am I worng? Is this a funny limitation of the Express IDE? What am I doing wrong?


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What does it say in your output window? pdb loaded, unable to load pdb or no mention of pdbs? –  cup Nov 4 '13 at 23:20

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