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I have a HTML table that want to parse to JSON.

<table class="valas" border="0">
            <th>Mata Uang</th><th>Jual</th><th>Beli</th>
        </tr><tr class="odd">
            <td>USD</td><td class="number">11.450,00</td><td class="number">11.300,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="even">
            <td>AUD</td><td class="number">11.094,00</td><td class="number">10.494,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="odd">
            <td>CAD</td><td class="number">11.169,00</td><td class="number">10.669,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="even">
            <td>CHF</td><td class="number">12.719,00</td><td class="number">12.219,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="odd">
            <td>EUR</td><td class="number">15.678,00</td><td class="number">15.028,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="even">
            <td>GBP</td><td class="number">18.525,00</td><td class="number">17.725,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="odd">
            <td>HKD</td><td class="number">1.643,00</td><td class="number">1.293,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="even">
            <td>JPY</td><td class="number">118,87</td><td class="number">113,37</td>
        </tr><tr class="odd">
            <td>SAR</td><td class="number">3.233,00</td><td class="number">2.833,00</td>
        </tr><tr class="even">
            <td>SGD</td><td class="number">9.454,00</td><td class="number">8.854,00</td>

And I have some PHP code that i found from googling:

$html = file_get_html('index.html');
$json = array();
foreach ($html->find('tr') as $row) {
        $currency = $row->find('td',0)->innertext;
        $sell = $row->find('td',1)->innertext;
        $buy = $row->find('td',2)->innertext;

    echo json_encode($json);

And what I got is for the code, it seems wrong:


But what I need is:


I think the problem is in $json variable but it hard to make it done.

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Though what you need is not valid JSON, you can achieve the right structure this way:

$json[] = [ 'currency' => $currency, 'sell' => $sell, 'buy' => $buy ];
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working good for me. thanks. – SENDYYeah Nov 7 '13 at 15:02
@SENDYYeah you are welcome, consider accepting the answer then! – moonwave99 Nov 7 '13 at 15:41

I believe this is what you want.....

change this line:



$json[$row_count]['currency'] = $currency;
$json[$row_count]['sell'] = $sell;
$json[$row_count]['buy'] = $buy;

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If you get the code from here: you can get the answer you want like this:

htmlToJSON('index.html', FALSE, null, null, array(0 => 'Currency', 1 => 'Buy', 2 => 'Sell'), null, null, TRUE);

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