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I have been looking for a way to create a very simple authentication related CAS server with apache shiro. Why I have a very specific requirement on the server especially for signup where I actually try to map all the accounts with a master password . Reason being I still want existing users to still authenticate with the their old system where password in each system is hashed with different algorithm.

I thought I could do so with the shared session features of shiro using ehcache even terracotta clustering to keep the sessions.I got stuck in my thought on where to do the redirection from upon successful password challenge. All this are just assumptions because I can't really see the bigger picture.

I have seen a lot of people leveraging on jasig-cas but it doesn't seem to me after reading some of their documentation that I can have the freedom and the control I would have when implementing this very very simple CAS server on shiro. Besides I wanted to run mongodb as backend for the CAS server and I have't seen that in the list of datasource one can use.

If anybody has tried this before kindly share your discovery and point us to the right direction.

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